TestoForce Review: How effective is this product?

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It’s no secret by now that testosterone is crucial for male sexual health.  And for many men over 50, replenishing this male molecule alone can skyrocket bedroom performance.  So when a product like TestoForce promises a whopping surge of testosterone with daily usage, you are wondering if you should whip out your credit card and give it a try.  Well, in this detailed article, you are going to get all the information you need to decide once and for all if TestoForce can actually give up that massive testosterone boost for more sex, stronger erections, and soaring confidence.  

What health benefits do you enjoy from TestoForce?

The manufacturer of TestoForce claims that this product can help men over 50 improve their libido, increase their erection strength and boost their stamina in the bedroom.  That’s because for older men, declining testosterone levels are one the big reasons their erections are getting weaker.  And with the ingredients used in TestoForce, users can now enjoy the healthy, fuller erections of their younger days.

Is TestoForce made by a reputable nutraceutical company?

TestoForce is sold under a company called Nutraway Health. There isn’t a whole lot of information on Nutraway Health except that the company also creates supplements that addresses a variety of health issues.

What are Testoforce’s ingredients and how effective are they?

Testoforce’s key ingredients are

  1. Tongkat Ali
  2. Tribulus Terrestris
  3. Ashwagandha Roots

All three of these nutrients have been shown in scientific studies to be useful in boosting testosterone levels.  So very likely TestoForce can help you get the testosterone and sex support you need.

How much does TestoForce cost?

TestoForce is priced at $49.95 for a 30 day supply… which is one bottle.

Should you buy TestoForce?

TestoForce’s ingredients are backed by solid science, so it is likely to help you increase your testosterone.  So $49.95 a bottle is a good price. However, before you make your purchase, you may want to try Congo product that costs lower than TestoForce and contains far more clinically tested ingredients to help your testosterone.

Top Recommendation: Congo (the premium testosterone and erection support pill made affordable to all).

Congo is a great option for older men looking for an erection supplement at an affordable cost.  It truly gives you the biggest bang for your buck: Congo delivers the highest quality formulation for erection support, yet priced at such a low cost, anyone can afford it.

What makes Congo such a great male performance supplement?

Congo works because it’s based on an ancient African tradition that has helped its natives enjoy superior bedroom performance.  You see, several years earlier, European researchers came to the conclusion to that men in the country of Congo were the most virile in the world. So the research staff at Vigor Quest, examined the indigenous diet, and came up with what they believed were their secret to great erections. Then took those ancient aphrodisiacs, herbs and nutrients and infused them all into a single pill now known as Congo. 

Who manufactures Congo?

Congo is manufactured by the nutraceutical company, Vigor Quest.  With over 60,000 customers nationwide, Vigor Quest has been producing leading health formulations since 2017.  Vigor Quest is renowned for their quality ingredients and top-notch customer service.  Vigor Quest is such an honest company there are ZERO complaints according to industry consumer watchdog, Better Business Bureau. 

Benefits of Congo

Congo is formulated to boost your sex life in every way.  It improves libido, supports increased testosterone, promotes blood flow to the penis, and even protects the prostate. Congo can help you more quickly achieve a harder, fuller. And longer lasting erection and an overall amazing bedroom experience.  Congo helps support EVERYTHING that makes your erections work. 

Benefits of Congo

Congo is formulated to boost your sex life in every way.  It improves libido, supports increased testosterone, promotes blood flow to the penis, and even protects the prostate. Congo can help you more quickly achieve a harder, fuller. And longer lasting erection and an overall amazing bedroom experience.  Congo helps support EVERYTHING that makes your erections work. 

How does Congo Work?

Congo contains an astounding 18 herbal extracts, nutrients and superfoods for your sexual and reproductive system. That’s because the manufacturer wants to make sure you get every lift and advantage you need to make your bedroom power act young again.  To sum it up, the ingredients in Congo enhance your blood flow, testosterone, and protects your prostate. It makes your erections bigger and harder, and helps you last much longer.

What are these ingredients in Pom Max that makes it so effective?

Congo contains 18 tribal nutrients believed to be used by indigenous men in the Congo.  And they also happen to be clinically tested to support stronger male performance.

Cnidium monerri: Tiny, powerful fruit contains an astonishing 350 compounds that enables it to treat male sexual problems and boost erectile sexual activity

Mucuana Pruien Seeds: A study published in the journal Evidence Based Complement Alternative Medicine reported that 120 men with erectile problems experienced better sperm and ejaculation health, plus greater sexual performance.

Guarana: Ancient plant delivers energy and stamina. Its perfect for situations when you feel tired, but need to get a an erection.

Rhodiloa Rosa Root: Plant brewed for bone hard performance, size and thickness. A clinical study of 35 men with weak erections showed that 26 men SIGNIFANTLY improved their erection strength after 3 months.

Saw Palmetto:  Great for the prostate. An overlooked sex gland that regulates climax and ejaculation, and erectile performance. 80% of men with prostate problems struggle to get an erection

Eleutherococcus Senticouos: Also known as Chaka Zulu’s secret to virility and used for battlefield strength and sex

Niacin Arican: researchers report extraordinary performance with this ancient nutrient

Oat straw: Substance ancients used to relieve sexual anxiety and boost mood and testosterone Penile Ingredient

Panax Ginseng: Blood flow supporting plant that helps erection size and hardness. 7 clinical studies report men with sexual problems improved their desire, erection harned and staying power using panax ginseng

Wild Yam:  Supports testosterone, muscle building and blood flow

Zinc: Testosterone booster help men achieve drive and size

Epimedium:  Tribal plant used to help trigger rigid and full erections.

Tongkat ali: Clinically tested to boost free testosterone by 61%… Increase erection hardenss by 38%… And enhance sexual pleasure by 164%

L-arginine: Maximizes blood flow circulation to sexual organs

Maca Root: A tuber nutrient used by the elderly to “keep up” like they were 20 year olds in bed. Clinicatlly validated in 2 studies to boost erectile performance in men struggling to get an erection.

Tribulus Terrestris: Remedy used by African athletes to gain strength and stamina

What is the cost of Congo and should you buy it?

Congo costs just $39.95 for a single month supply. This is priced at the low end of the range for male enhancement and testosterone support supplements. Vigor Quest, the manufacturer made Congo affordable because they are so sure it will help any user benefit, they don’t want price to be the barrier to purchase. On top of that, the product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, even if the bottles are opened and emptied.  CLICK HERE TO BUY CONGO. Or call 1-800-239-9512 if you have questions or prefer to order by phone.

How long does it take for Congo to start working?

Congo starts working fast.  Greater sex drive, much harder and fuller erections, and much longer lasting performance can be noticed in just 30 days. And it gets better with continued usage. Remember, you can return the product at any time within 60 days… even if the bottles are empty and the pills are all used.  NO RESTOCKING FEES.  100% refund on your purchase price minus shipping and handling. CLICK HERE TO BUY CONGO or call 1-800-239-9512 if you have questions or prefer to order by phone.


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