Vigor Smart Review: How effective is this product?

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If you are health conscious, and value your brain health, then no doubt you have come across a cognitive and memory supplement called Vigor Smart.  Though a popular seller on Amazon, not much information can be found on this formula.  But don’t worry.  This article will dig up all the available information on this brain supplement so you can make an informed buying decision.

What health benefits do you enjoy from Vigor Smart?

The manufacturer of Vigor Smart claim that its formula can benefit your focus, overall health and memory.

Is Vigor Smart made by a reputable nutraceutical company?

Vigor Smart doesn’t appear to have a website.  To our knowledge, all of their information is on the Amazon page that Vigor Smart is sold.

What are Vigor Smart’s ingredients and how effective are they?

Currently, the label is not displayed on Vigor Smart’s Amazon page.  However, there are at least two known ingredients in every capsule of Vigor Smart— L-glutamine and bacopa monnieri. Both of these ingredients have been validated by science as potentially beneficial for brain health and memory.

Any side effects with using Vigor Smart cost?

Due to the lack of information on Vigor Smart, it is inconclusive on known side effects. However, the two known ingredients used in Vigor Smart have been shown to be safe and natural in clinical studies.

Should you buy Vigor Smart?

Vigor Smart two known ingredients having been deeply studied by scientists and researchers for many years.  And the clinical studies indicate both of these nutrients can have a positive effect on brain health.  However, without knowing more about its other ingredients it’s inconclusive if you should buy Vigor Smart.  If you are looking for an affordable memory support supplement that is RISK FREE, and contains far a large concentration of many clinically tested brain nutrients, our recommendation is below.

Top Recommendation: Pom Max (the premium memory support pill made affordable to all).

Pom Max is a great option for anyone who is looking for a premium memory supplement at an affordable cost.  It truly gives you the biggest bang for your buck: Pom Max delivers the highest quality formulation for memory support, yet priced at such a low cost, anyone can afford it. 

What makes Pom Max such a great brain health supplement?

As you know, the key to a highly effective supplement is the ingredients. Pom Max contains 20 of the most well studied brain health enhancing ingredients all in one pill (You take two capsules a day).  Let’s compare that with NeuroQ that only contains 6 ingredients. Most memory supplements only contain 4 or 5.  Pom Max spared no expense, and obtained 20 ingredients to ensure that it WORKS!

Who manufactures Pom Max?

Pom Max is manufactured by the nutraceutical company, Vigor Quest.  With over 60,000 customers nationwide, Vigor Quest has been producing leading health formulations since 2017.  Vigor Quest is renowned for their quality ingredients and top-notch customer service.  Vigor Quest is such an honest company there are ZERO complaints according to industry consumer watchdog, Better Business Bureau. 

Benefits of Pom Max

Pom Max is formulated to give your brain a lift.  It relieves mental fatigue, improves focus, and significantly enhances cognition. Pom Max can help you more quickly recall information, facts and faces. It is the ultimate solution to fight forgetfulness and keeping your mind sharp.  It also helps you think more clearly and improves your mood too.  In short, Pom Max helps you maximize every faculty of your brain. 

How does Pom Max Work?

Pom Max contains an astounding 20 herbal extracts, nutrients and superfoods for your brain.  That’s because the manufacturer wants to make sure you get every lift and advantage you need to make your brain act young again.  Pom Max helps your brain feel sharper, more youthful, just like it did when you were at your healthiest… through a three-step process.

step 1: Vasodilation

Notice in the image above. You will see that blood vessels extend throughout your brain like a complex wire network. That’s because blood flow is the number one key for brain function.  Pom Max initiates a process in the body called vasodilation, which helps the arteries and blood vessels expand.  This allows more blood to flow freely to the brain, transporting oxygen and nutrients, vital to the cognition.  According to medical experts, blood contains oxygen, which the brain requires for energy and thinking. And the older you get, the weaker your blood flow, hence, your slowing brainpower. Pom Max optimizes your natural blood flow to your brain.

step 2: Defends against harmful brain toxins

 Took a close look inside the purple circle. The red, orange like colored strands are your brain’s neurotransmitters.  Neurotransmitters make up the superhighway that carries messages in your brain. The “white, grayish” cloudy mass hovering over your neurotransmitters are toxins that enter your brain, and then build up.  This buildup clogs up your neurotransmitters and slows down the communication and messaging, making it increasingly difficult to recall facts, faces or names. The ingredients in Pom Max protect your brain tissue from these harmful substances. These include plaque, free radicals, or inflammatory toxins. In short, Pom Max acts like a well-muscled bodyguard that keeps your brain safe from dangerous attackers.

Step 3: Promote healthy brain cells

 Pom Max contains a variety of antioxidants that nourishes and strengthens the cells in your brain.  This helps optimize the speed the cells in your brain communicate to each other. The faster your “connection is, the sharper your brain

What are these ingredients in Pom Max that makes it so effective?

Pom Max contains 20 of the most proven nutrients for brain health. 

Grape seed extract & pine bark – Contains powerful anti-oxidant called OPCs (oligomericproanthocyanidins) that’s been shown to support better brain performance & cognition protection.

Garlic – Contains a chemical called allyl sulfide that’s linked to healthy short term and long term recall function in the brain.

Glutathione & selenium – essential, hard to get from food nutrients that power your brain celsl and neuron connections for better and faster response time.

Raspberry – Helps maintain BDNF for youthful brain cell function; improves multiple pathways of brain health; contains mind boosting antioxidants, anthocyanins and pterostilbene, that regulates healthy brain neurotransmitters.

Green tea extract – Contain compound, epigallocatechin (ECCG), that supports stronger, youthful cognition: encourages brain cells to connect and communicate with each other faster, leading to improved focus and clarity: contains adaptogenic properties that boost the body’s resistance to stress and promote a happy, positive outlook.

Turmeric – Helps maintain BDNF for youthful brain cell function; supports healthy inflammation response in the brain; helps maintain defense against toxic invaders in the brain.

Olive leaf – Encourages serotonin activity. Serotonin has been shown to be a key neurotransmitter linked ot mood, happiness and positive outlook.

Quercetin – Key brain chemical that helps defend against invading toxins associated with brain aging.

Panax ginseng – Contains Adaptogenic properties, meaning it naturally increases body’s resistance to physical and emotional stress; supports alertness, concentration, and thinking.

Cats claw & arabinogalactan – Stimulates the immune system to help the brain protect against harmful aging substances.

Lycopene & vitamin E – Promotes cell energy; defends against oxidative stress that robs brain power.

Beta-glucans, shiitake powder, maitake powder & reishi powder – Contains anti-oxidants that helps relieve anxiety and stabilizes mood.

What is the cost of Pom Max and should you buy it?

Pom Max costs just $39.95 for a single month supply. This is priced at the low end of the range for brain health supplements. Vigor Quest, the manufacturer made Pom Max affordable because they are so sure it will help any user benefit, they don’t want price to be the barrier to purchase. On top of that, the product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, even if the bottles are opened and emptied.  CLICK HERE TO BUY POM MAX. Or call 1-800-239-9512 if you have questions or prefer to order by phone.

How long does it take for Pom Max to start working?

Clinical studies for some of the ingredients show improvements in cognitive performance in just a few short weeks.  Many users of Pom Max feel a difference within 30 days.  Users are advised to take two pills daily for Pom Max. And give it 45 days to notice a markedly improvement.  Many of these ingredients in Pom Max have been shown to be deliver significant improvements in 6 weeks.  And it gets better with continued usage. Remember, you can return the product at any time within 60 days… even if the bottles are empty and the pills are all used.  NO RESTOCKING FEES.  100% refund on your purchase price minus shipping and handling. CLICK HERE TO BUY POM MAX or call 1-800-239-9512 if you have questions or prefer to order by phone.

Remind me what brain health enhancements I can expect after using Pom Max?

Clinical studies show that when test subjects took the key ingredients in Pom Max regularly, they improved their performance in a variety of cognitive tests.

These subjects showed improvements in their learning ability… were better at recognizing objects more accurately…  improved their ability to recall and retain information… improved their verbal recall (the recalling of words spoken to or remembering details from a conversation) … improved the speed of learning and retaining information… improved visual recall (recalling details seen on a map) … and more.  CLICK HERE TO BUY POM MAX or call 1-800-239-9512 if you have questions or prefer to order by phone.


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